Hi there,
I'm Tami :)

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I'm a leader in experience design & customer success!

I love working with early stage startups, helping them to grow by developing and designing incredible customer experiences and customer success strategies across every touchpoint.

Work I'm proud of


Head of Customer Success

Design, implement & lead our Customer Success Strategy

My core responsibility (and passion!) at Kapiche is to deeply understand and care about our customers at the most organic level so that we can design a strategy that enables them to be as successful as possible not just with our product but within their roles.

This includes developing processes and resources focused on:

  • Onboarding

  • Product Adoption

  • Technical Support

  • Renewals & Breakups

Design, implement & lead our Voice of the Customer (VoC) strategy

I am also profoundly fortunate enough to be responsible for designing and implementing our VoC strategy, which is honestly just a fancy way of saying that it's my job to ensure that as a company we're consistently focused on making product decisions that are perfectly aligned to what is going to move the needle for our customers.

Kapiche is the only company I have worked for who truly embraces a Customer-First culture throughout everything we do and being at the helm of driving this forward is without question the biggest highlight of my career so far!

Example: We've just launched a new initiative which gives our power users the ability to decide what we build & focus on in the product throughout the next quarter. This would make most Product & Engineering teams very nervous - ours celebrated!

Form genuine relationships, not business contacts

While some may argue that this falls under the CS & VoC strategy banners above, this is something that is important enough to me that I feel it warrants it's own place on my portfolio.


What motivates me and 'gets me out of bed in the morning' isn't money (e.g. upsells, renewals, expansions, etc.), it's my genuine desire to want to deeply understand the pains of my customers, so that I can solve them, which is ultimately why Kapiche invited me to join their family a little over year ago.

Spoiler alert: It was the best decision I ever made!


Director of Customer Success

Introduced & lead RateIt's Customer Success division
I initially joined the RateIt team to help them out with content creation (e.g. writing basic how-to articles) but quickly noticed a lack of process and structure around getting their customers up and running and ensuring they were set up for success, which resulted in customers not reaching their full potential with our product and service.

To solve this problem, I designed, created and executed the strategies and workflows for all aspects of the customer journey both internal and customer-facing), including:

  • Training

  • Onboarding

  • Account Management

  • Churn Management

As a result, I was appointed Head of Customer Success and about 6 months after that I was formally promoted to Director of Customer Success where I joined the Executive Team alongside our Founder/CEO and CTO.

Supporting platforms:  Intercom, Hubspot, Helpscout, Trello, Zoom US, Slack, Google Docs



Evolved and lead RateIt’s Technical Support division
In addition to leading Customer Success, I also took charge of the Tech Support division, which at the time, had no system, processes or people in place to manage tickets, bugs or content creation.

To help with this, I introduced HelpScout as our primary platform for both ticket management and for our self-service knowledge browser and content hub. From there, I appointed a dedicated Support Hero to act as the first point of contact for all tech support enquiries and issues.

This approach freed me up so that I could focus my efforts on designing processes and workflows that would allow us to provide global support for our customers with a small team, while still offering a great support experience for them in a way that would scale as the company did.

Supporting platforms: Helpscout, Aircall, Intercom, Zoom US, Slack, Moki, In-house platform

Introduced RateIt's Operations division​
If life weren’t already crazy enough… during my first year I was tasked with getting the Operations Division up and running which was a really interesting project as RateIt is not a “pure SaaS” product (there is physical hardware involved) which came with its own unique set of challenges we had to cater for when creating relevant workflows and processes, such as:

  • ​Device configuration (setting up devices and hardware)

  • Hardware logistics (hardware dispatches and returns)

  • Hardware management (faulty devices and hardware)

  • Project management (orchestrating large-scale rollouts)

  • People management (hiring contractors to handle installations)

Although we now have a dedicated team to run the Ops Division, many of the processes and workflows I designed are still being used/built upon today!

Supporting platforms: Jira/Atlassian, Intercom, Hubspot, Trello, Slack, Moki, In-house platform


Designed and implemented RateIt’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) strategy
To ensure that we were consistently meeting the needs of our customers, I designed and implemented a VoC strategy which gave users an opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback with us in a way that was quick and easy for them, while still allowing us to learn what we were doing well and where we needed to focus our efforts in order to pack the most meaningful punches.


We achieved this by using a variety of tools which each had a specific purpose, driven by where the user was at in relation to their lifecycle with us, for example:

  • When a user completes their onboarding journey, they receive an in-app message via Intercom which asks if they had any additional questions or if they need help (these insights helped us pinpoint gaps in the onboarding process, such as missing content)

  • If a customer decides to cancel their account, we host an exit interview either in person, on the phone, via a Zoom web conference or via email, where we ask a specific set of questions to help us determine whether we’re able to salvage the partnership or if not, what we could have done differently/better, if anything.

These are just a couple of examples, I’m happy to elaborate further during a more detailed catch-up 😊

Supporting platforms: Intercom, Hubspot, AskNicely, Google Forms, Aircall, Zoom US


Played a key role in defining and shaping the culture at RateIt
As one of the founding members of RateIt, I played an important role in defining and shaping the company's Core Values alongside the CEO/Founder and was a key stakeholder regarding all recruitment decisions, with a focus on ensuring that we never compromised on hiring the right people (into the right roles).

Subsequently, I also designed RateIt's current employee onboarding program!

Supporting platforms: Tettra, Slack, Zoom US, Google Docs

Designed a 'Surprise and Delight' initiative for RateIt's customers

One of the more fun initiatives I worked on during my time at RateIt was coming up with a 'Customer Delights' initiative that allowed us to send out gifts of all shapes and sizes to customers for no other reason than to, well, surprise and delight them!

There were all sorts of reasons we would send out surprise gifts...from celebrating anniversaries and birthdays of key customers through to sending get well soon wishes and even thank-you's to customers who left great feedback during an exit interview.

I have loads of examples of gifts we've sent out - feel free to ask me about them!

Reckon Australia

Online Community Manager

Developed and executed the launch strategy for Reckon Australia’s support community

  • This was built using the GetSatisfaction platform

Developed and executed a training program for Reckon’s Technical Support team

  • This focused on improving the quality of service provided through live chat and phone support.

Introduced and implemented Reckon’s Social Media and Live Chat best practices

  • This was co-developed alongside the company’s Head of Marketing and Legal Departments and resulted in halving the average response time to consumers and generated a lift in positive feedback by about 60%

The launch of the Reckon Community reduced the volume of support calls

  • Although I left the company shortly after launching the community, a "friend on the inside" confirmed that over 6-12 months the introduction of the community had successfully reduced the average number of calls made to the support team

Small but satisfying win: I received the company's first ever public compliment!

  • Yes, you read the right..the first ever. Unfortunately, the nature of the industry (Accounting) is a rather unforgiving one!

Pinnacle Health Group

Social Media Manager

Acted as a Customer Experience mentor for a number of PHGs practitioners

  • This proved to have a positive impact on the overall patient experience and resulted in a lift in patient happiness and subsequently in the number of positive compliments coming through social media and our CSAT channels (e.g. patient surveys).

Developed, created and executed the company’s social media strategy

  • This tripled the amount of online followers for PHG’s official Facebook account and significantly increased the level of engagement PHG received on their social media posts across Twitter and Facebook

Beamly (Pro bono)

Community Manager

Helped the Beamly team triple the level of engagement across the following communities:


  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

  • Game of Thrones

  • Big Bang Theory

Note: This was achieved by designing and introducing a variety of fun polls/surveys and trivia posts for the communities to engage with.

What it's like to work with me

Anuj Khatri

National Enterprise Partnerships
Manager @ RateIt

Working with Tami for a year and a half at RateIt (The market leader in in-the-moment customer feedback) was truly a delightful experience. 

Never have I met someone with more of a raw, genuine passion for Customer Experience, and more specifically, working with companies to help them deliver truly exceptional experiences for their customers. 

On a more personal note, Tami is an amazing person, consistently on the proactive search for ways to lend a helping hand to her peers, regardless of whether it be a personal or professional matter. Tami was a strong leader at RateIt and I have every confidence she will be an invaluable asset to any company that is lucky enough to have her in the future

Ian Pagulayan

Head of Support @ RateIt

Working with Tami is super fun and awesome! A customer-centric individual who’s amazingly passionate about what she does. She lives by our company values and has no doubt been a strong foundation of RateIt.


Tami, as my manager, has opened boundless learning opportunities for me. She has the ability to turn mistakes into learnings and she’s extremely good at winning people’s heart in a professional way. Tami genuinely care about everyone around her and treats her colleagues and customers as family.


Whatever Company or Team that Tami will work with in the future, I am confident that she can bring significant value in achieving its goals. I’m so happy and proud that I’ve once worked with a fantastic, warm-hearted person like Tami!


Platforms I'm fluent in

Customer Success & Support: Intercom, HelpScout, Zendesk, HubSpot, Close.io, Aircall, Trello, Jira/Atlassian, Most CSAT platforms

Product analytics: MixPanel, Amplitude, Google Analytics 

Business: Slack, Zoom (most video conferencing platforms), Google Suite, Office 365

Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


Additional: IRC, Basic HTML, Basic JSON


Let's create awesome experiences.

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